Life-changing results from real students.


MORE PATIENCE/BETTER SLEEP: My first experience with meditation was years ago and lasted only a few days. I signed up for an evening class and was instantly intimidated by what I found. There were gongs, difficult seating postures and the intensity of the other people in the room was palpable. The whole experience felt so hard and full of incredible effort that I quickly abandoned it - I wasn't doing it "right" so why bother?

Fast forward about 12 years to the present day when I decided I needed to revisit the possibility of making space in my life for a meditation practice. I was walking around with an underlying sense of anxiety and mild panic and my sleep was less than restful. When I spoke to Kelli about the class I was most intrigued by the idea of "simple, effortless bliss." The idea of something that could help me feel more at peace in the world and was easy to do was worth exploring.

I have only been at it for a few weeks now, but I have already felt significant changes. I am more patient, less panicked and I am sleeping better as well which makes everything instantly more awesome.

It is truly a practice for anyone - you can do it anywhere and pretty much anytime and once you incorporate it into your life and feel the changes inside of you realize that making time for it not only feels easy but also essential.

Sarah, Interior Stylist


FIND THE CALM WITHIN: I took Kelli’s class after experiencing a lot of stress due to an illness in my family and health issues of my own. I was a little apprehensive that I might not be able to stick with daily meditation but I have found that I feel so much better from the meditation that I look forward to the time. The four-day course was a welcome retreat. It was enough time to listen and learn, practice and ask questions without being rushed. I felt that I had time to practice on my own and come back with questions. Kelli listened to my concerns and questions and answered them earnestly and sometimes with humor that I appreciate. We laughed and I learned at the same time. Since then (6 months later) I have found that my ability to find the calm within myself is much easier.

Sherri, Mom


BE HAPPIER: This course changed my life for the happier. In four intimate classes, Kelli gave me the tools and knowledge needed to build and maintain a strong meditation practice.

Al, Actor


INCREASE CREATIVITY/PRODUCTIVITY: I met Kelli and immediately felt extremely comfortable with her and knew she was the right teacher for me. I had tried some meditation practices over the last 20 years but all of them felt very forced and I always felt like I was doing them wrong. During the course, Kelli was amazing at explaining the practice both scientifically and “spiritually”  in a way that I could really believe in it and trust the process.  All the fighting in my head during previous meditation practices disappeared and it really felt like I had finally found something to give me relief that was practical and effortless. I actually look forward to those twenty minutes twice a day.

I saw benefits right away after learning to meditate. My productivity level started to increase pretty intensely and I found myself having a major burst of creativity.  I have noticed a base sense of ease and comfort in myself , going through the day with much less fear of projection of the future , a sense of more compassion for others and myself , and being more open to new ideas and experiences as well as a general feeling of more energy and restfulness in my days. I found this practice and the right teacher for me exactly when I needed it in my life and I can’t wait to see what unfolds next with it.

Ian, Composer


I am really amazed by the relaxing quality of the technique. I am also very shocked that I 'crave' meditation, which has NEVER been the case with before. The 20 mins pass very quickly and I felt bliss and a sense of safety like everything is alright and I belong here.

Jun, Skin Care Guru


LESS ANXIETY AND PANIC: In 4 days Kelli passed on to me a practice that is completely changing my life. I feel a gentle sense of calm, and am able to navigate life with much less drama & reactivity. Not perfect, but definitely better.

Four months in and I'm starting to feel an overall calming of the nervous system... My anxiety and panic have lessened and I feel as if I have a higher threshold. I also really enjoy the 2 meditations each day -- safe places to just shut down the system for a beat and re-charge. I look forward to each meditation, and can't imagine a day without!

Morgan, Television Producer


SERENITY: I've been trying to meditate for well over ten years, but haven't been able to sit still; even a few minutes of meditation was very difficult for me. After the course with Kelli, I sit for 20 minutes twice a day with ease and even look forward to it. Kelli is fantastic teacher: warm, smart, easygoing, responsive, intuitive. She gets it and she helped me deal with my fears and questions around meditation during the course, which I found actually easily fit into my life; it wasn't some gigantic time commitment. But in the course, Kelli elegantly imparted these simple and life-changing tools.

In the early days of the course I found my anxiety level dropped and I had more resilience around the ups and downs of life. As I've continued, I've become more calm & serene and less reactive. I look forward to the meditations, they're like little vacations in the midst of life in crazy NYC. One of the big draws for me about Vedic meditation is the community of meditators and the ongoing group meditations; it's essential for me to check in with people and identify with the challenges and joys of meditating. I'm so grateful to have found Kelli and meditation. I really feel like I've found my meditation home.

Maura, Naturopathic Doctor