Life-changing results from real students.


BE HAPPIER: This course changed my life for the happier. In four intimate classes, Kelli gave me the tools and knowledge needed to build and maintain a strong meditation practice.

Al, Actor


MORE PATIENCE/BETTER SLEEP: My first experience with meditation was years ago and lasted only a few days. I signed up for an evening class and was instantly intimidated by what I found. There were gongs, difficult seating postures and the intensity of the other people in the room was palpable. The whole experience felt so hard and full of incredible effort that I quickly abandoned it - I wasn't doing it "right" so why bother?

Fast forward about 12 years to the present day when I decided I needed to revisit the possibility of making space in my life for a meditation practice. I was walking around with an underlying sense of anxiety and mild panic and my sleep was less than restful. When I spoke to Kelli about the class I was most intrigued by the idea of "simple, effortless bliss." The idea of something that could help me feel more at peace in the world and was easy to do was worth exploring.

I have only been at it for a few weeks now, but I have already felt significant changes. I am more patient, less panicked and I am sleeping better as well which makes everything instantly more awesome.

It is truly a practice for anyone - you can do it anywhere and pretty much anytime and once you incorporate it into your life and feel the changes inside of you realize that making time for it not only feels easy but also essential.

Sarah, Interior Stylist


FIND THE CALM WITHIN: I took Kelli’s class after experiencing a lot of stress due to an illness in my family and health issues of my own. I was a little apprehensive that I might not be able to stick with daily meditation but I have found that I feel so much better from the meditation that I look forward to the time. The four-day course was a welcome retreat. It was enough time to listen and learn, practice and ask questions without being rushed. I felt that I had time to practice on my own and come back with questions. Kelli listened to my concerns and questions and answered them earnestly and sometimes with humor that I appreciate. We laughed and I learned at the same time. Since then (6 months later) I have found that my ability to find the calm within myself is much easier.

Sherri, Mom


I am really amazed by the relaxing quality of the technique. I am also very shocked that I 'crave' meditation, which has NEVER been the case with before. The 20 mins pass very quickly and I felt bliss and a sense of safety like everything is alright and I belong here.

Jun, Skin Care Guru


I knew for quite some time that I wanted to learn how to meditate. I dabbled here and there - sometimes with mindful meditation, other times with breath work - but it was never something I could commit to. There were always excuses, distractions, or a feeling of, "Am I doing this right?!" whenever I would sit down to do it. Then I heard about vedic meditation and was referred to Kelli by a friend whose description of the practice made it seem like it could be a good fit for me. Kelli's class and way of teaching completely changed my perception of and feelings toward meditating. She has a gift for articulating challenging concepts in a way that students can readily grasp and start practicing right away. Not only this, but she makes things FUN! She makes her students laugh and ensures we are not taking ourselves too seriously. This is in congruence with the effortlessness that is vedic meditation. Kelli is my meditation teacher, but I refer to her as my "Meditation Mom" because she brings warmth, encouragement, and love to her interactions with you. I now meditate 20 minutes twice a day without even thinking about it. Having struggled with insomnia and restless sleep for years, my sleep quality has dramatically improved since learning vedic meditation. I also feel that my stress resilience has greatly improved. You won't know what benefits you will reap until you try for yourself, so I encourage anyone who is considering learning to take Kelli's meditation class.

Erin Sweeney


I am so happy I found Kelli Douglas, she has changed my life and added a new dimension to the life I have. Her expertise and knowledge has made it easy for me to learn and practice meditation. In this day and age we all need meditation and Kelli to show us the way.

Margarite Daloia


If you're looking to take your meditation to the next level or start a beautiful new practice this class is it! I took Kelli's class 3 years ago and would recommend it to anyone, especially New Yorkers. I experienced immediate benefits, but have found the long term benefits of this meditaton to be exponential. The Vedic technique is simple but extremely powerful. It is one of the most scientifically studied techniques, but the best part for me is that it is enjoyable. No rigid posture or effort allowed! This technique gives me the energy to adapt to anything my day throws at me without getting stressed or making regretful emotional reactions. Kelli is amazing teacher that can take this ancient technique and easily apply it to your modern day life. If you have any interest in meditating at all--go to a free Intro Talk!!! Get yo mantra, change yo life. Xoxo

Al Roth


Kelli is awesome. She's a great teacher. She's patient and understanding. She's encouraging. Now I meditate 2x a day. I'm calmer and more relaxed. Things don't affect me the same way anymore. I feel better. I'm happier. And others have noticed these changes in me. Take the course! Your life will change in a positive way.

Alex Standish


INCREASE CREATIVITY/PRODUCTIVITY: I met Kelli and immediately felt extremely comfortable with her and knew she was the right teacher for me. I had tried some meditation practices over the last 20 years but all of them felt very forced and I always felt like I was doing them wrong. During the course, Kelli was amazing at explaining the practice both scientifically and “spiritually”  in a way that I could really believe in it and trust the process.  All the fighting in my head during previous meditation practices disappeared and it really felt like I had finally found something to give me relief that was practical and effortless. I actually look forward to those twenty minutes twice a day.

I saw benefits right away after learning to meditate. My productivity level started to increase pretty intensely and I found myself having a major burst of creativity.  I have noticed a base sense of ease and comfort in myself , going through the day with much less fear of projection of the future , a sense of more compassion for others and myself , and being more open to new ideas and experiences as well as a general feeling of more energy and restfulness in my days. I found this practice and the right teacher for me exactly when I needed it in my life and I can’t wait to see what unfolds next with it.

Ian, Composer


The course at The Meditation Class was life changing.

Every time I go, Kelli seems to answer all the questions I have about if I’m meditating right before I even ask them! I love the free refreshers that come with having gone through the program, and the ability to ‘begin again’ with my meditation practice and go back to basics with what Kelli has taught me.

With Kelli's ever-present guidance, I feel Vedic meditation having wonderful impact on every area of my life - especially in the area of care and compassion with my myself and with those around me.

Marcella Withers


Kelli Douglas and The Meditation Class are exactly what you are looking for if you want to learn to meditate in a supportive and encouraging environment that is non judgmental and accepting. Kelli is warm and inviting, as is this meditation space. She is an extremely knowledgeable and patient teacher. The Meditation Class and Kelli Douglas are the real deal.

Janet Schroeder


I took Kelli’s meditation class a year ago today, at a time when I was under great stress at work, including a difficult work relationship, and needed to find relief and calm. I am enormously grateful to Kelli and Vedic meditation, as I found the process easy to learn and, most importantly, easy to practice.  For the past year, I have meditated almost every single morning, and have tried to meditate a second time each day as well, as instructed. The benefits have become evident throughout the year and I am so thankful for meditation: I can now find calm when I need to; I can find relief from stress; and I have the control to pause and offer considered responses—or not respond at all!—even to people and behaviors that annoy or anger me.  I have also had serious insights into my own behaviors and thought processes that I am sure are the result of meditation.  And on a simpler level, if I have a sleepless night, meditation restores me and I don’t feel tired all day.  I start every day refreshed.

I had meditated before, years ago, but not stuck with it. This time, after Kelli’s four-day class, I did. I’ve also gone back to Kelli’s studio a number of times for refreshers—it’s amazing that once someone has taken the course he or she can attend any session, any time, for free—and that also applies at any other Vedic studio, anywhere. The course is a lifetime membership in calm, insight, and positivity.

Kelli is a great teacher—she’s funny, passionate, knowledgeable, clear in her explanations, and realistic in her expectations of her students. She’s obviously a lovely, warm, giving person.  She felt like a friend right away.   (Great for the about Kelli page)

In other words, Kelli’s class is highly recommended.  Five gold stars.

Marti Malovany


I learned meditation from kelli about 3 years ago and it was transformative for my life to say the least. Her studio is gorgeous and full of natural light.. definitely a fantastic meditation teacher and a wonderful space to learn and do group meditations in. Highly recommend it!

Ian Love


Before I met Kelli, I’d been trying to meditate for well over ten years: I read all the books, tried all the apps, went on retreats — but meditation was always very difficult for me. I didn’t understand it and couldn’t sit still for more than a few minutes.

After taking Kelli’s class, I’m able to fully and joyfully incorporate meditation into my life. Her teaching allowed me to grasp how to do it and also to move through the obstacles that prevented me from fully embracing meditation.

In the early days after her class, I found my anxiety level dropped and I had more resilience around the ups and downs of life. As I've continued, I've become more calm & serene and less reactive. I look forward to the meditations, they're like little vacations in the midst of life in crazy NYC.

Since I learned Vedic meditation, I’ve gotten married and had a baby. I also have a very full medical practice.  My life is busy! Meditation has become even more crucial for me. It allows me to full stop and rest my mind and that daily drop in stress hormones is absolutely crucial to my well-being. The positive shift in perspective I’ve had from ongoing meditation has changed the way I move through the world, for the better. I recommend this class to all my patients an absolutely necessary too for any kind of physical healing. Learning meditation from Kelli has been a turning point in my life and I hope everyone considering her class gives themselves this life-changing opportunity.

Dr Maura


LESS ANXIETY AND PANIC: In 4 days Kelli passed on to me a practice that is completely changing my life. I feel a gentle sense of calm, and am able to navigate life with much less drama & reactivity. Not perfect, but definitely better.

Four months in and I'm starting to feel an overall calming of the nervous system... My anxiety and panic have lessened and I feel as if I have a higher threshold. I also really enjoy the 2 meditations each day -- safe places to just shut down the system for a beat and re-charge. I look forward to each meditation, and can't imagine a day without!

Morgan, Television Producer


SERENITY: I've been trying to meditate for well over ten years, but haven't been able to sit still; even a few minutes of meditation was very difficult for me. After the course with Kelli, I sit for 20 minutes twice a day with ease and even look forward to it. Kelli is fantastic teacher: warm, smart, easygoing, responsive, intuitive. She gets it and she helped me deal with my fears and questions around meditation during the course, which I found actually easily fit into my life; it wasn't some gigantic time commitment. But in the course, Kelli elegantly imparted these simple and life-changing tools.

In the early days of the course I found my anxiety level dropped and I had more resilience around the ups and downs of life. As I've continued, I've become more calm & serene and less reactive. I look forward to the meditations, they're like little vacations in the midst of life in crazy NYC. One of the big draws for me about Vedic meditation is the community of meditators and the ongoing group meditations; it's essential for me to check in with people and identify with the challenges and joys of meditating. I'm so grateful to have found Kelli and meditation. I really feel like I've found my meditation home.

Maura, Naturopathic Doctor


Vedic Meditation guides me to consumption of more productive and macro-conscious thoughts. Through Kelli's teachings, I've achieved better sleep, lessened my anxiety to compare other's social lives to mine, and gained a more macro view of my daily to-do's/process. My past meditations were your typical, "I'm going to sit in a quiet room, listen to music, breath softly, and try to relax." This was as productive as a little nap but not for re-centering my internal and external perspective, which was the goal.

Kelli's class not only showed me the ritualistic and spiritual power of Vedic Meditation through mantra but also how simply it could be introduced into my life and work! There's a perception in The City That Never Sleeps that you always need to be, making connections, making money, putting your interests first, pushing your way through to the next big thing right? It's easy to get into that groove after just one subway ride down the 1 line during rush hour. Give yourself credit for where you are and how far you've come. Take control of the decisions you've made and still can make, and let your mantra in Vedic Meditation be a light that you can commit to always turning on. That's what Kelli taught me, and that is why I will recommend her to anyone looking to create peace, acceptance, perspective, and re-centering in their life.

Sean Willey


I always knew my path thru life could be clearer if I could just slow my mind down.  But when I tried meditation before Kelli’s class it never stuck, partly because I couldn’t find a way to incorporate the practice into my busy life.  During a major transition in my life I met Kelli and heard about her approach.  I decided to try it!  Thank goodness I did!  I feel like this was a gift I gave to myself!  I now can find time in each and every day for me.  And now I find myself more present when I’m going through my day!  So best of all I enjoy the little things more - like time with my kids and walks with my dog because I can be fully present in those moments and take all the goodness in.

If you are on the fence just ask yourself, what you have got to lose - all that anxiety that you hold throughout the day?  If you are anxious about this class know that Kelli will work with you and make sure you can find a way to incorporate this practice into your life.  And the practice you are joining is so open that if you want to continue after the training with Kelli or other instructors you can.  Mediation instruction and support for life, that is what you gain!

Laura Wheeler


After taking Kelli’s class and meditating for just a few days I wrote this:  "I feel like I’m in a lower gear, a more grounded gear. Honestly, even after just three days I feel more tapped into something. (Meditation) feels like a warm bath.

Nine months later I can say it’s truly changed my life.  Before working with Kelli I felt, as someone once said, like a mouth looking for a scream.  I was always irritable and unable to relax and enjoy life.  And I felt unable to act from a centered place, it was easy for my fears to run my life, I felt a lack of power.  It seemed like a lot of things that I wanted in life were just beyond my reach, and always had been.

I had tried to meditate off and on for over twenty years but I never enjoyed the experience and I definitely never kept it up even though, deep down, I knew I needed it.  Some friends directed to me to Kelli and when I spoke with her what stuck with me was that she too had had the same experience with other forms of meditation but that this kind was totally different and, most importantly, really effortless.  For me, effort and meditation had been inextricably linked.

I think the biggest change I’ve felt since taking Kelli’s class has been that restless anxiety has been replaced with a deep feeling of peace, similar to how I felt as a kid, lying on the grass looking up at the leaves of a tree with not a care in the world.  I also feel very connected the flow of life and things come to me easily.  There is less striving and more allowing.  Finally, after decades of feeling chronically tired, I have more energy and feel much more deeply rested.  I’m excited to be on this meditation journey.

I had tried to meditate off and on for over twenty years but I never enjoyed the experience and I definitely never kept it up even though, deep down, I knew I needed it.  One of the first things I said about how Vedic Meditation feels is that it  feels like a warm bath.

Liz Markus