For Vedic Graduates

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Like most anything else, mastering Vedic is a practice. As a graduate, you get lifetime access to courses, conversations, and a community of practitioners that can help sustain and even elevate your practice. Whether learned from me or another instructor, I welcome all Vedic students past and present to join us for a refresher course or drop in for a one-off group meditation. Likewise, you’re also welcomed to attend sessions with other Vedic instructors. We’re all in it together!

Here’s a look at what’s currently available:

  • GROUP MEDITATION: Once you’ve completed your initial course, you can join any group meditation at no charge to help support you in your ongoing practice.
  • ROUNDING WORKSHOPS: Have you been meditating for 3 months and are ready to kick your practice up a notch? Join us for a workshop to learn rounding aka “Industrial Strength Meditation.”
  • KIDS COURSE: This adorable course is for kids of meditators with a regular practice. Your child will receive their own "word of wisdom" and learn how to meditate in a style that works best for them. The price of this course is a work of art by the child on what meditation means to them and a couple flowers for the ceremony.