Join us for a 4-day meditation course

The Course

Vedic Meditation courses run for four consecutive days, each session lasting about 90 minutes. It's mandatory to attend all four sessions because each day's curriculum builds on the previous day. After completing the course, you'll be a self-sufficient meditator. You'll also have access to unlimited follow-up and group meditations around the world.

The Value

You’ll receive:

In person instruction of the Meditation Class (Four 90 minute sessions) course at the Meditation Studio

Free access to our in person group meditations and knowledge meetings

Free access to a private Facebook group for students

Free access to our monthly Meditation Social Club Gathering

2 year follow up meditation support emails including tips, strategies, and Vedic stories

Access to a worldwide network of Vedic Meditation teachers

Ability to retake the Meditation Class any time as many times as you would like

Free children’s course for ages 4-11

Ongoing support from Kelli your personal meditation coach

Course Fee:

Students choose their own course fee from the options below and base this personal decision on their household income. This type of equitable exchange is a practice from India dating back thousands of years and is an effort on our part to maintain the purity and consistency of the teaching tradition.

Because students of higher means subsidize students of lesser means, the honor system is in effect (donʼt worry — we wonʼt be asking for proof of income or checking tax returns). Choosing oneʼs own course fee allows everyone who wants to learn the ability to take the course.

The yearly household income breakdown below is an equitable guideline (only) and the decision is completely up to you based on your highest integrity. Itʼs traditional that the course fee is commensurate with one weekʼs earnings. I have a minimum of $600 in place to cover expenses and as itʼs often the least one needs on a weekly basis in order to earn a living in New York City. 

Annual household income > $200,000 - $1,800

Annual household income between $100,000-$199,000 - $1,300

Annual household income between $50,000-$99,999 - $900

Annual household income of $49,999 or less - $600

Special Discounts

Full time Student:
group course fee: $400 (with a Valid ID)

Teens: (ages 12-18)
Course Fee is $400

Children: (ages 5-11): Free
If you have a child and have learnt Vedic Meditation with me, this course is my gift to you.

Upcoming Course

Upper West Side
NYC and San Diego COURSEs

Class dates available upon request due to the Pandemic.
Upcoming Course

Upper West Side
NYC and san diego

Please contact us for course information at
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